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Your simple guide to our renowned range of garden furniture cushions.

The quality and lifespan of each cushion is wholly dependant on the types of materials used, as well as the manufacturing process. Alfresia are one of the few remaining companies that manufacture all of their cushions right here in the UK; from filling to packaging, the whole process takes place at one of our factories in Greater Manchester.

By using quality materials to produce our cushions, it helps us to create long lasting, comfortable furniture for our customers. We have had many good reviews on how greatly our cushions compare to our competitors, with most comments relaying the quality and comfort that the cushions have provided.

The biggest difference between our cushions in comparison to our competitors is that we will always ensure our cushions are full. By this, we mean that we will always choose the thickest foam to put into our luxury cushions and overfill our classic cushions with crumb filling, to ensure our customers will experience the maximum amount of comfort they deserve, whilst sitting outdoors and relaxing in their garden.

Alfresia Vs The Rest

To the right are our three main outdoor cushions; Essential, Classic and Luxury. Each style of cushion is available in many different styles of garden furniture, so you can match your swing seat to your sun loungers and your dining furniture seat pads to your bench cushions.

By doing this, we have made it easier for our customers to create a garden that is more cohesive on the design front, as well as allowing you to have a garden furniture collection that is extremely comfortable and versatile.

The Alfresia cushion is designed to hold its shape and provide comfort for years to come. Our Sun Lounger Classic Cushions are over filled with crumbed foam filling to ensure a medium to firm level of comfort that will endure constant use and keep its thickness.

We have compared our Classic Lounger Cushion to a sun lounger from one of our bigger name competitors. The Competitor Sun Lounger comes as a complete set and retails for £32.99. At this price, it is affordable, practical and sufficient enough to meet your basic needs, for hopefully more than a few summers.

Luxury Classic Essential
Argos Classic

The Alfresia Sun Lounger with Classic Cushion retails at £69.99 for the complete set. Despite the obvious difference in pricing, there is a significant difference in quality that positively justifies the increase.

The shape of the sun lounger classic cushions are designed to stay firm and strong, particularly with the crumb foam filling that provides a robust base for you to relax on. The difference in the thickness for each cushion is largely visible due to the way the cushions have been sewn together.

Notice how the competitor cushion is simply two cut-outs of fabric with a single seam all the way around?

The Alfresia Classic sun lounger cushion is constructed with another level of fabric, set in-between each layer of material, to create more space inside of the cushion for extra filling. 

By over filling our cushions, it restricts the stuffing from moving around inside the cover which could potentially lead to either burst seams or becoming flat a lot quicker over the years.

To stop the filling from moving around the cushion excessively, we have sewn right the way through it, instead of using buttons that could potentially fall off, to ensure a secure and tight fastening.

By doing this it also adds another level of comfort as it forces the crumb stuffing closer together, creating a firm surface.

Another key design feature to our cushions is that we use piping all the way around each seam to ensure none of them are visible.

Not only does the piping raise the aesthetic, it also gives the entire cushion shell more strength when it is in use, to avoid burst seams.

With constant improvement to advance our cushions above our competitors, we have created a product that will provide our customers with a new level of comfortable garden furniture, as well as great satisfaction that they have made the right choice in choosing to buy their garden cushions from us.

Button Comparison

Classic Vs Luxury - What's the difference?

Alfresia supply two main types of cushions; the Classic Cushion and the Luxury Cushion. The first noticeable difference between the two is pricing; this is mainly due to the fabric shell and the filling.

The Classic Cushion is overfilled with crumb foam filling and encased in a fire retardant cotton shell. All of the Classic Cushions are overfilled to provide a firm and comfortable surface and are to be used with strong garden furniture frames to enhance the experience.

Crumb Filling

Our crumb foam filling is made from clean, unused offcuts of foam which have been granulated into small pieces making it ideal for bean bags, pet beds and cushion filling. We only shred flame retardant foam, as all of the foam is pre-treated for our garden furniture.

The cotton fabric shell of the cushion is sourced from overseas, which we then fill at one of our factories in Greater Manchester. We find that the natural fibres from cotton material are easier malleable to the crumb foam inner.

This allows the cushions to be versatile with garden furniture frames that are designed to recline, since they will be able to adapt to whichever position you need, effortlessly.

With cotton being a natural fibre, it allows your skin to breathe and absorbs moisture to keep your body temperature stable whilst you are sun bathing in your garden. The fibres hold dye incredibly well and is great for sensitive skin, as the fibres are less abrasive than polyester.

The Classic Cushion shell is designed to be strong and durable; proper care can prolong the life of your cushion, like storing indoors when not in use and using a cloth to wipe clean instead of a machine wash.

The Luxury Cushion is filled with thick, expert foam that has to be loaded onto a specialised piece of machinery and compressed to squeeze inside the polyester cushion shell. By producing the luxury cushions this way, we can create plump, enduring cushions that can provide many years of comfort.

Our expert foam is sourced from a supplier in the UK and is used in both our Luxury Cushions for garden furniture and in the seats of our Conservatory Furniture. The foam arrives at our factory as one giant block of foam and cut into different widths, lengths and thicknesses to then be sorted into the different frames of garden furniture and conservatory furniture that we create.

The thickness of foam used in our Luxury cushions is set at 10cm. We find that by providing our customers with a thickness that surpasses most of our competitors, there is more feedback from the comfort and quality that customers receive, and how they appreciate the value for their money. The thickness will prevent you from feeling the springs through the cushion while you are trying to relax in your garden, as well as keep the body of the cushion more consistent over the following years.

Polyester is a man-made fibre that is very resilient and can withstand a good deal of wear and tear; it is a good fabric to use to create our long lasting Luxury cushions. Like cotton, polyester holds dye very well and will hold its shape for a long duration. Unlike cotton, polyester isn’t absorbent and will dry super-fast, so it works well in light showers and damp weather, however we always recommend storing your cushions indoors when not in use. 

Expert Foam Filling

Both cotton and polyester have redeeming qualities that give you a choice in what you want to expect from your cushions. They have both been coated in a fire retardant solution, along with the foam, to ensure safety for when use in your garden. It all comes down to which colour, print or style of cushion you need to suit your garden furniture collection.

Alfresia understand there’s a great need for comfort, especially in your own personal outdoor space; that is why we take time to listen to our customer needs and aim to constantly improve the quality of our cushions to ensure satisfaction across the board.

If you have any more questions about our cushions, please do not hesitate to take a look at our other cushion guides or get in touch with our friendly customer services team, who are always more than happy to make sure you satisfied.

Classic Alexandra Green

The Classic Sun Lounger Cushion in Alexandra Green Leaf

Luxury Green Sun Lounger

The Luxury Sun Lounger Cushion in Green

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